Thank you, community.

This year marks a huge milestone in our shared history —125 years of serving the community we are so proud to call home. While it’s a milestone worth celebrating, it’s not really about us, but rather it’s about you, the people we serve.

To our family of doctors, nurses, non-clinical employees, patients, community leaders and volunteers — your hard work, dedication, selflessness and commitment to living our values of compassion, excellence, dedication, and integrity have brought us to where we are today. Moreover, we are grateful for our partnerships with local agencies, teams and organizations, which encourage greater health and well-being and allow us to address the most pressing health needs of the community.


Our journey continues.

On the passing of this anniversary, we’re looking ahead toward new technologies and medical facilities, and our vision is bolder than ever. We continue to strive for new ways to make quality healthcare easier to access. And we will deliver the care you and your family deserves, with excellence and compassion in all we do.

I welcome your thoughts, comments and stories regarding the past 125 years and how we can make the next 125 years even greater, together. Feel free to email me at: Normand.Deschene@lowellgeneral.org

Normand E. Deschene CEO, Lowell General Hospital


I had 2 knee replacements and 1 hip replacement. I also had breast cancer and I went through chemo and radation. I wouldn’t of gotten through all of this if it wasn’t for the doctor’s and the nurse’s I had. They are all so compassionate and they so do such a great job on what they do. They work so hard. Thank you for everything.

Linda B., Patient

“I came here wanting to focus on community health issues and I never left. It’s just a wonderful community. Here’s to the next 125.”

Sara G., Public Health Administrator

“This is my 30th year as a clinical psychiatric nurse. Serving this community has been a true privilege. Maybe I’ll make it to 125, too.”

Fran T., Lowell General Hospital nurse
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